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Mr. Jerry McCollough

Educated in Southern California, trained as a Commercial Artist, Jerry McCollough spent 20 years in City Government, having taken courses in City Management and City Planning, as well as a law course at Harvard University. During this time he was a guest lecturer on Urban Economics at Dartmouth College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of New Hampshire, and Keene State College. Foundational for this work was familiarity with the development of civilizations, including study of ancient and world history, as well as cultural impacts of world religions.

Following his career in City Government, Jerry and his wife, Faith, embarked on a career in foreign missions, taking time to complete biblical courses resulting in Ministerial Licensing and Ordination, and ultimately a Master's Degree in Biblical Literature.

While working for a Christian organization in Belgium that published educational materials, Jerry and Faith had an opportunity to go into Russia and the Ukraine before the fall of the Iron Curtain, making contact with underground churches. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, they were among the first missionaries into the former Soviet Union, working in Bulgaria to establish a nation-wide church structure, train pastors and laypersons, and construct churches. In addition to establishing and teaching in Sofia Bible Institute, they acted as couriers of funds across the border into Macedonia in support of Serb churches cut off by the first Balkan War.

The McColloughs then transferred to Slovakia to continue with similar work, as well as conduct research for evangelistic books to reach the former Soviet countries. Their research took them to the British Library and the Denmark University Library. Several of their books have been published in as many as 5 languages. Jerry and Faith traveled into more than 25 countries before moving to Germany to pastor a church on a US Army base, in addition to working with Kosovar Muslim refugees.

After nearly 20 years in missions, the McColloughs now live in the US and continue the research, writing and illustration of historical, evangelical books, while also being called upon to substitute teach in several school districts.

Current Classes Instructed by Mr. Jerry McCollough
Christian Worldview (open)
United States History (open)