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Mrs. Mayra Bremer

Mayra Bremer was born in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. She is the youngest of 11 children. She has been married to Garrett for 25 years. They have 6 children ranging from 15 to 27 years of age. Mayra moved to Pasadena, California, in 1982 to attend Ambassador College, a Christian university where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in Theology. Mayra worked in the editorial field for 15 years as a copyeditor and editor of Spanish religious publications. She also did freelance translating and editing for several years. About 15 years ago, Garrett and Mayra started a professional dog breeding business. Mayra is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in TESOL from Azusa Pacific University.

Mayra has homeschooled her children since kindergarten. Three have graduated from college. In the last few years, the Bremer family has taken advantage of co-ops and other schools for homeschoolers so the kids have more social interaction in their teen years, a necessary and very important part of their development. Mayra has taught Speech, Spanish, Personal Finance, P.E., and Computer Basics. She has an interactive teaching style, so students learn and develop social skills while achieving their academic goals.

Together with her husband Garrett, they have founded Nexus Family Ministries - a Homeschool Fellowship to promote social interaction through dancing during the homeschool years and beyond, a place where homeschooling families (both children and parents) can fellowship with other homeschooling families even after they have finished homeschooling their children.

Mrs. Kristina Hollomon

During the past 27+ years of home schooling, Mrs. Hollomon has served on numerous home school association boards, taught classes and facilitated many activities in the home schooling community. Before coming to NCA she has taught Algebra, Physical Science and Crochet at other Co-ops as well as tutoring many students in various levels of math. She is currently on the board as Newsletter Editor/Coordinator of the Arlington Association of Home Educators.

Kristina Hollomon has loved higher math and physics since taking classes in high school and has always aspired to teach. She took computer science, calculus and physics in high school. She then went on to graduating top of class at Electronic Computer Programming Institute ECPI in Computer Programming in the late 80’s, where she met her husband, Brett. She worked at Unisys and EDS (Electronic Data Systems in various positions. In 1990, after a cross country move during her 4th pregnancy, Kristina became a full-time stay-at-home mother. Two years later, in 1992, the Hollomon’s started home schooling their 2 oldest and has been home educating since then.

Kristina has lived across the USA: (Idaho, Washington, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, California and now Texas since 2012 (where she plans to remain until the Good Lord takes her home!)) She loves crocheting, knitting, tatting, solving logic problems, gaming and occasionally sewing.

Kristina and her husband, Brett Hollomon, have been married since 1988. They have 10 children, 3 grandchildren and 1 step-grandson.

Mrs. Ronda Kilian

Ronda began her home school journey in 2010 with her children Jacob in 8th grade, Joshua in 5th grade, and Naomi in 2nd grade in the Phoenix, Arizona area while her husband Brian was deployed overseas. What began as an effort to have control over their schedule quickly became a passion and love of teaching and an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with each of her children. She has graduated one son who will graduate from college this year as an Aerospace Engineer who will go on to be commissioned into the Navy. Her next son will be graduating high school and going to college in the fall to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree on an AFROTC scholarship. Her daughter will be a high school junior in the fall. She is excited for the opportunity to stay active in the home school community even as her children graduate and go on to adulthood.

Ronda has a background in computer science and has been a software engineer for over 25 years working for Novell, Iomega, and Microsoft at times and has spent the last 15 of those years, being a freelance consultant customizing financial and business applications. She teaches from a classical Christian model and enjoys seeing the growth in not only her children, but other students as she has taught various subjects at the high school level in a classical co-op environment for several years. She firmly believes that adding fun to the learning process helps students to remember what they studied long after the class ends. She, her husband, and children relocated to Texas two years ago and are looking forward to making this area their forever home.

Ronda teaches through a lens of a Biblical worldview and believes that everything points to God and His authority and ultimate design. She also believes that she is not merely teaching subjects, but rather preparing her children and students with life skills that will carry them into adulthood with a love for life-long learning. She is also a musician who plays regularly with her church and enjoys quilting, sewing, and a bit of farm life in the local area.

Mrs. Ellen Lumpkin

Ellen was born to a poor family of farmers in rural Indiana.  She attended Purdue University after graduating H.S. in 1979.  She married at 25 and became the mother of 5 beautiful, talented, and gifted children.  Her career as a homeschool mother has flourished for over 25 years.  With a variety of interest, from science, watercolors, to photography,  Ellen feels that education is a lifetime adventure and best learned through a hands on experience.  
"I enjoy sharing my love and passion with students of all ages and inspiring  them to own their education.  I feel very fortunate to be able to learn alongside my children."  

Mr. Jerry McCollough

Educated in Southern California, trained as a Commercial Artist, Jerry McCollough spent 20 years in City Government, having taken courses in City Management and City Planning, as well as a law course at Harvard University. During this time he was a guest lecturer on Urban Economics at Dartmouth College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of New Hampshire, and Keene State College. Foundational for this work was familiarity with the development of civilizations, including study of ancient and world history, as well as cultural impacts of world religions.

Following his career in City Government, Jerry and his wife, Faith, embarked on a career in foreign missions, taking time to complete biblical courses resulting in Ministerial Licensing and Ordination, and ultimately a Master's Degree in Biblical Literature.

While working for a Christian organization in Belgium that published educational materials, Jerry and Faith had an opportunity to go into Russia and the Ukraine before the fall of the Iron Curtain, making contact with underground churches. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, they were among the first missionaries into the former Soviet Union, working in Bulgaria to establish a nation-wide church structure, train pastors and laypersons, and construct churches. In addition to establishing and teaching in Sofia Bible Institute, they acted as couriers of funds across the border into Macedonia in support of Serb churches cut off by the first Balkan War.

The McColloughs then transferred to Slovakia to continue with similar work, as well as conduct research for evangelistic books to reach the former Soviet countries. Their research took them to the British Library and the Denmark University Library. Several of their books have been published in as many as 5 languages. Jerry and Faith traveled into more than 25 countries before moving to Germany to pastor a church on a US Army base, in addition to working with Kosovar Muslim refugees.

After nearly 20 years in missions, the McColloughs now live in the US and continue the research, writing and illustration of historical, evangelical books, while also being called upon to substitute teach in several school districts.

Mrs. Olivia Streight

My name is Olivia Streight. I have a BS in Child Development and Kindergarten/Primary Education. David and I have been married 16 years. We have 5 children and we homeschool all 5 of them.

The last five years I have ran a homeschool co op. I have enjoyed meeting homeschool families and learning and helping others through homeschool life. We are, also, involved in Nexus dance nights and love meeting new people.

I’m excited to be teaching Lost Tools of Writing 1 and American Lit this year at NCA. We are going to have a fun year reading and writing this coming school year.